Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

  1. In the novel Futility, published in 1898 an "unsinkable" luxury liner was lost after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage. What was the ship's name?
  2. How many years after American expatriate Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer was published in France did the novel become legal in the United States?
  3. What book was the best-seller of the year in America in 1794?
  4. The name of what Texas town came close to being changed in the late 1950s because of a controversial best-selling novel?
  5. What English literary classic was inspired by the adventures of Scottish pirate Andrew Selkirk?
Last Week's Answers

Who wrote the popular children's poem The Pied Piper of Hamelin?

This legend about the abduction of all the children from the town of Hamelin, Germany has many versions including one by the Brothers Grimm and a more modern version in English penned by Robert Browning.

What environmentally correct gesture did publisher Harper San Francisco make in 1990 in conjunction with its publication of the book Two Minutes a Day for a Greener Planet?

Harper San Francisco planted 1,000 trees to replace those used in producing the book.

What do the letters in the word “SHAZAM” represent in the Captain Marvel comics?

The word “shazam” is a clever acronym made up of Solomon's wisdom, Hercules' strength, Atlas's stamina, Zeus's power, Achilles' courage, and Mercury's speed.

What great writer, shortly before his death at age 90, successfully defended himself against senility charges by reading his latest work in court?

Sophocles read his work Oedipus at Colonus to prove that he was of sound mind.

What famous writer bragged that he gave his talent to his work and saved his genius for his life?

Oscar Wilde.

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