Monday, November 16, 2009

Join Prestwick House at the 2009 NCTE Convention!

This year, in conjunction with the 99th Annual NCTE Conference at the Philadelphia Convention Center, we would like to invite you to visit our booths, number 334-337, and receive your free copy of a Literary Touchstone Classic book and a $5.00 off coupon for a free downloadable eLesson! So if you're planning on attending, stop by to meet with us, ask questions, and see what’s new!

Here's a few of the products we'll be featuring at the conference:


Using technology is quickly becoming a way of life in the classroom, and our new PowerPresentation line of products takes advantage of PowerPoint™, Adobe Acrobat™, and SMARTBoard™ technology to make sure you’re on the cutting edge.

Visit to find out more, or stop by our booth to see demonstrations of these products and to hear more about how you can introduce a novel, teach difficult grammar and writing topics, and get your students actively involved in what you're teaching by using these exciting presentations!

Literary Touchstones

We are constantly expanding our line of classic paperbacks and invite you to click here or stop by to see for yourself why Literary Touchstone Classics are the books teachers demand for their classroom libraries.

The best selections of world literature — unabridged, unadapted, and complete with helpful pointers and glossary notes — are made even better by our unrivaled Educator’s Discount of at least 50% off the list price. Stop by our booth and get your free copy of either Romeo and Juliet or A Christmas Carol!

Vocabulary Programs

This year, in addition to adding engaging PowerPresentations to our best-selling Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT books, we've also expanded our popular Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots series! Growing Your Vocabulary: Learning from Latin and Greek Roots is especially for 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-grade students to help develop skills to improve their vocabulary, not only because your state's standards require it, but because nothing will make students better readers and communicators than having the ability to understand new words.

Also new this year, our Standards-Based Vocabulary program for grades 7 through 10 is proven to help struggling students conquer state standards and gain lifelong vocabulary skills. This series provides a framework to expand students’ vocabularies, while also teaching crucial vocabulary-building skills, including discerning word meanings through context, recognizing roots and affixes, and recalling word origins.

Click here to find out more about our selection of vocabulary programs or visit our booth to speak with us, and we'll help you find exactly the right program to fit your students' needs.

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