Monday, September 12, 2011

What are Teacher Reviewers Saying About Vocabulary Power Plus for the ACT?

Recently, we received feedback on our new Vocabulary Power Plus for the ACT series from teachers on the Prestwick House National Curriculum Advisory Board. Read quotations from teachers below

The words are defined, organized, used in context with multiple practices, and even gives the opportunity to practice new roots and prefixes. I also find the practice English sentences to be incredibly useful.

All students, whether taking the ACT or not, need to improve vocabulary skills. They also need to be able to read for errors. Learning root words and prefixes is an easy and organized way of improving vocabulary skills as well. This product does meet a demand!

Leticia C. Geldart

There is an increased emphasis on vocabulary in state and national standards. This guide will not only prepare students for the ACT, but will also increase their comprehension in all disciplines.

Sara Zeek

Perhaps one of the hardest things to help students with is giving them a depth of vocabulary that will aid them not only on the ACT but also in college. This is a helpful approach with extremely accessible exericses.

Janice Mullan

A well-educated student must have an extensive vocabulary that is often not well-developed without formal vocabulary study. The ability to read and comprehend what is read is important both to success in the classroom and success in life.The variety of exercises included ensure that students do not simply memorize a word for a test and then forget it. They get a sense of when and how to use the word which makes it more likely that they will remember and use newly acquired vocabulary.

I am impressed with the variety of exercises for each lesson and the use of review lessons to aid retention. These review lessons introduce additional exercises such as crosswords. While primarily designed for the ACT, the vocabulary and exercises reflect the vocabulary and skills required to be successful on other standardized tests.

Cynthia Byers

The materials covered in the book will not only improve the student's vocabulary, but also in Revising and Editing. This will undoubtedly serve them well when writing essays/preparing for higher level courses.

Luis Garza

Good organization; well-aligned with what the ACT expects students to know and be able to do (writing and critical reading especially, as there are fewer materials available that focus on these along with vocabulary instruction); periodic reviews after each set of seven chapters; rubrics for evaluating writing; state standards listed (an excellent item to include!)

Sharon King-Hanley

The format is easy for students to access and use. I like the presentation - word, definition, part of speech, use in a sentence, synonyms, antonyms, words in context. All material students need to know when learning a new word. I like the periodic review of words with sentence completions and a puzzle. Different formats for learning.

Cherylin J Roeser

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