Friday, March 23, 2012

Leading Educational Publisher Launches New Online Version of Best-Selling SAT-Prep Vocabulary Program

February 20th, 2012, Smyrna, DE — This week, Prestwick House, Delaware’s leading educational publisher, is proud to unveil Vocabulary Power Plus Online — a digital version of the company’s best-selling Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT series. This new program will include all of the exercises and resources from the series in an easy-to-use, cloud-based format that puts an interactive version of the books directly on student screens.

Over the past 29 years, Prestwick House has become one the leading publishers of educational materials in the country by consistently developing new products for English teachers. In recent years, a focus on technology in the classroom has led Prestwick House to publish over 1,500 different downloadables, including e-books based on best-selling Literary Touchstone Classic editions and individual eLessons.

“We’ve always been focused on how teachers can use technology in the classroom. In the past, we’ve emphasized using the power of the Internet to make it easier and cheaper to get ready-to-use resources into the classroom, but we’re finally reaching a point in which access to computers is pervasive enough that teachers will be able to make technology a core part of their classroom,” says Keith Bergstrom, head of the Prestwick House Digital Division.

“As I speak with teachers about Vocabulary Power Plus Online, I’m learning a lot about what they’re looking for in terms of online resource. Many companies are making online programs full of cute animations that may entertain, but they’re not actually teaching students. We’re committed to developing pedagogically sound resources that empower teachers to do what they do best – make a personal connection with students and foster learning.”

With this unique vocabulary program, students will gain all of the benefits of the traditional student workbooks, along with added benefits like automatic grading and access to classwork via any computer with an internet connection. The system will allow students to see upcoming assignments, complete homework, practice for tests, and take quizzes and tests online. Teachers will be able to manage grade books, create assignments, and see reports on individual student progress.

The system also gives instant feedback right on the screen, showing where students need to improve as they work through each lesson. Additionally, all grades are reported directly to the teacher, saving valuable grading time on multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.

“We believe that a teacher will always be the center of a classroom, so we’re at work developing tools that make teachers’ lives easier and their classrooms more effective,” says Bergstrom. “Right now, we’re evaluating tools to improve a teacher’s ability to use our curriculum resources, and we hope to unveil more online resources in the coming year.”

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