Friday, February 6, 2009

Free Lesson From Prestwick House!

Each month, Prestwick House shares one of our customer’s favorite lessons for free. Every lesson is ready-to-use right from one of our most popular books for our newsletter subscribers. We’re committed to providing teachers with the highest-quality teaching materials that are both ready-to-use and educationally sound.

This month's lesson comes from Writing an A+ Research Paper, and contains both the student and teacher pages for a Lesson in Paraphrasing.

Please feel free to share lessons with all your colleagues. We hope that they find these classroom-proven lessons to be as useful as you do. You can find a complete list of free lessons that will be updated each month in the article section of our website or subscribe to our monthly Footnotes Newsletter and receive more free lessons, special discounts, and product updates right in your inbox!

1 comment:

Jason said...

Hey Annie,

I have an Idea for a post. A recap of PH "superlative" orders from 2008.

Largest Paid Order
Smallest Paid Order
Nearest Delivered Order
Furthest Delivered Order

It might not be interesting to teachers, but I'm sure PHer's would find it interesting.