Friday, February 20, 2009

Free Technology for Teachers – Vocabulary Power Plus Now Available on!

It's not always easy to make sure students retain vocabulary after the test, and high school student Andrew Sutherland was fed up with the same old ineffective methods of memorization. That's why in 2005, at age fifteen, Sutherland began, an online resource that includes fun, interesting, and effective ways to help students like him retain vocabulary.

This website allows students or teachers to type in vocabulary words and definitions, which are then available in a variety of applications. Students are able to “Familiarize” with a simple flashcard application; “Learn” by typing in the correct word when the definition is shown; “Test,” or fill in the answers on a typical vocabulary test; and play fun games called “Scatter” and “Space Race” in order to help them learn vocabulary in a new, creative way.

FREE! Ready-To-Use Online Tests, Flashcards, and Games at

If you are using Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT books in your classroom, Quizlet applications make a great in-class activity, homework assignment, extra credit assignment, or Smartboard skill builder drill.

To use Quizlet in your classroom, view our complete list of links to all Vocabulary Power Plus Books available on Quizlet in the article section of our website.

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