Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Cranky Language Lady: Wednesday Grammar Quiz for Grownups

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Grammar Quiz #18 — Run-On Sentences

Correct the run-on sentences in the following selection:

Gary was in charge of casting for the new reality television show, Dumped on a Tropical Island, and he quite enjoyed his job, despite the long hours, the piles of paperwork, and the fact that his assistant—an annoying woman named Francine—objected to most of his choices. Those selected for the show were supposed to display any of these qualities: intelligence, wit, humor, or exceptional good looks, Gary managed to hire only young women who would look good in a bikini. Francine complained, he stuck to his guns. She went to the director, he approved of the bikini girls. Gary suggested that maybe she would be happier if he chose some men who looked good in a swimsuit, too, however, she continued to insist that people would quickly become bored with the show if good looks were the only requirement for being on it.

Gary won, the show was a hit, Francine decided to become a librarian.

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