Monday, March 24, 2014

The changes in SAT driven by the same goals as common core

David Coleman, President of College Board.
On top of all of the changes in your classroom caused by the shifting requirements of the  Common Core, now the SAT is changing, too?

The good news for teachers is that the goals of the SAT are coming into alignment with the goals of the Common Core.This article from The Atlantic discusses how the two organizations share the same goals-- college and career readiness.

"When Coleman became president of the College Board back in 2012, after his work developing the Common Core, he stated his goal for moving the SAT to better reflect those standards. On Wednesday, Education Week described in detail how the new changes to the SAT align with the Common Core—and presented an excellent side-by-side comparison of the SAT and Common Core that illustrates how Coleman’s goal will become a reality. (Education Week, largely focused on K-12 education news, has expertly covered the role of the Common Core in driving changes to the SAT.)"

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