Friday, March 21, 2014

Vocabulary instruction ideas for middle and elementary schools

Using Latin and Greek roots for vocabulary instruction isn't a new idea, but implementation can be hard. This great article from is full of justifications and great ideas for practical instruction that would work not only in elementary and middle schools but also in high schools.

"The study of word origins and derivatives helps students grasp an essential linguistic principle: English words have a discernible logic because their meanings are historically grounded. This knowledge, used in conjunction with word analysis skills, empowers them as learners. Although no single approach to vocabulary development has conclusively been found more successful than another, researchers agree that a focus on Greek and Latin derivatives offers a powerful tool for  teachers to nurture students’ vocabulary development."

For more on using Latin and Greek Roots to teach vocabulary, check out our two roots-based vocabulary programs.

Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots - for grades 7-12
Growing Your Vocabulary: Learning from Latin and Greek Roots - for grades 4-6

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