Friday, May 2, 2014

A Vocabulary Quiz for the Best of Us

At Prestwick House, we generally fancy ourselves as vocabulary experts-- after all, Vocabulary Power Plus has sold more than a million copies and Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots is right on its heels. When someone mentions that they're going on a quick peregrination over lunch break or says they can't make a meeting because they're assiduously working, we don't bat an eye.

But when our Senior Editor sent this vocab quiz from Slate Magazine around earlier this week, we were embarrassed. I only got 12/18 right, our senior editor got one more than me, and our new product creation specialist tied him! Sure, Free Rice is a fun game, but if you really want to put yourself to the test, try out the article and game from Slate.
Vocabulary Resources from Prestwick House:

Vocabulary Power Plus for the SAT and ACT
Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots
Growing Your Vocabulary: Learning from Latin and Greek Roots

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