Friday, May 9, 2014

Literary Touchstone Classics Game

Literary Touchstones Classics Game
In honor of the redesign of our Literary Touchstone Classics, I'm happy to present to you 2048 Literary Touchstone Classics Edition -- a literary themed edition of the obnoxiously addictive game that is sweeping the nation.

Simply use the arrow keys to slide all of the tiles in one direction to match up book covers from titles like Frankenstein, The Scarlet Letter, and Romeo and Juliet. When two book covers match,  they'll combine and "upgrade" to a new book cover. You get an increasing number of points for the higher level book covers. Can you figure out which book covers are coming up next?

I'll start you off with the first couple of levels and I'll update this post as you unlock new levels. Just leave a reply in the comments when you figure them out.

Level 1: Frankenstein
Level 2: Romeo and Juliet
Level 3: The Scarlet Letter
Level 4: ?

Literary Touchstone Classics are complete, unabridged original text books designed exclusively for schools. Each book includes reading pointers, a glossary and vocabulary, and notes and, best of all, with school discounts of 50% or more, the prices start at $0.99 per book!

Play the game here!

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