Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We get feedback: Reading Informational Texts

I just have to share this recent feedback from a teacher who has been using our Reading Informational Texts
Visitor (10:52:58):  Bingo. Thanks a zillion. Also there is a new reading supplemental book coming out (standards based) this summer for level 9 & 10. When will these be available?

Sue (10:53:54) Are you referring to the Reading Informational Texts? These are in stock and available now

Visitor (10:54:29) No, it was something new.

Sue (10:54:48) Reading Literature?

Visitor (10:55:04) Maybe

Sue (10:55:44) They will be ready later on this summer - we hope late August - still under production!

Visitor (10:57:09) Great. Thanks. Your materials are great. I have used them for years. Last year on our state assessments in Reading, our sophomores scored 100%. Everyone met the standard. Don't think it has ever happened in our district! Thanks for your help.

Sue (10:57:44) WOW!! how exciting! thanks for letting us know! check back with us in August and if they are available, we will be glad to send you samples - thanks!

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