Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Customer Service Week!

-Keith Bergstrom

This week is National Customer Service Week, and I was going to write a glowing thank you to our wonderful customer service department, but in looking over our recent customer surveys, I realized that you, our customers, did a better job of saying how great a job than I would ever be able to.

“Always very pleasant and efficient customer service on the telephone. Orders received promptly and are always accurate… the service is personable and helpful.”

“I’m amazed how quickly the entire process goes. I got the books about two weeks before I expected them.”

“The Prestwick House person was so very helpful. That experience was absolutely great… What pleasant personnel… and I receive the material in two days, in time for day one of class!”

“I love PH! Fast, courteous, accurate service.”

“I had a credit on an order that I wasn’t even aware of. They sent me a letter and honored that credit on my next order. Customer service is excellent.” “From the quality of the product to the exceptional customer service… Prestwick House is the company of today with the values and principals of yesteryear.”

“The value for the dollar is unsurpassed, and your personalized service makes it easy to resolve any questions I have. Great staff — good products.”

“I have been very pleased with the products, outstanding service (your emails are actually answered by knowledgeable staff in a VERY small amount of time!!) and the reliability.”

“I have been particularly impressed with the people I have spoken with. They have been extraordinarily friendly and helpful. I had thought that old-style customer service had left the planet. Thank you!”

So, thank you to all of our customer service staff. You really do go above and beyond on a daily basis. And thank you to all of our customers for the nice words. Everyone here at Prestwick House really appreciates the kind words.

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