Friday, October 30, 2009

Literary Pumpkin Project

On the last day of school before a holiday it's always a challenge to get students to pay attention, so why not embark on a project that is both fun and constructive?

Teachers across the country are taking time today in their English classes to participate in "The Literary Pumpkin Project — a great way to demonstrate understanding of a character, setting, or major plot development of a novel."

Here's an assignment sheet from San Ysidro High School teacher, Richard Brown, to get you started, along with some tips from teachers across the country:

  • Realistic, artificial pumpkins are perfect for this contest because they are non-perishable and easy to decorate
  • Acrylic paints or permanent markers work best because watercolors tend to run. Yarn, construction paper, pipe cleaners, paste, glue or hot glue also make great additions
  • Have students display the book they are illustrating along with their entry
View videos here and here, visit the Flickr Literary Pumpkin Group for more great ideas, or save yourself the classroom mess and do a virtual version of pumpkin carving here.

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