Wednesday, October 7, 2009

STAND UP Against Bullying in Your Classroom

As I've recently learned from New Milford High School principal Eric Sheninger, this week is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week. If bullying is an issue in your school or district, there are some great resources out there to help your students cope. provides critical resources and supports to create a school-wide effort against bullying. There are cool things you can do with your students including the "STAND UP" pledge which stands for:

Support those around me that are being bullied or victimized
Tell a friend, teacher, or parent when I see someone being bullied
Ask myself, "How would I want to be treated?"
Note where and when bullying occurs and
Do something when I see someone being bullied

Understand why bullies bully
Practice being a good role model for my fellow students and share “STAND UP to bullies” strategies

You can also visit the activities page for ideas on how to help prevent bullying in your classroom. If you need a list of literature to really tie the message into your curriculum, visit the EC Ning to read about Diana Beltrani, her idea to teach about bullying in her classroom,  and other teacher's responses and experiences.


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