Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday Trivia

  1. Which playwright is the first person to have been awarded both a Nobel Prize for Literature and an Oscar?
  2. Which young adult author is the grandmother of controversial musician Courtney Love?
  3. Who wrote the play The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window – a work that ran for 110 performances on Broadway and closed the same night its famous author died?
  4. As a student at the University of Nebraska in the early 1890s, which female author used the nickname William and dressed as a boy?
  5. Although she claimed as an adult that she was born in Eatonville, Florida in 1901, which author was actually born in Notasulga, Alabama in 1891?

Which American author was the son of astrologer, William Chaney, and his wife Flora Wellman, a music teacher and spiritualist who claimed the ability to channel the spirit of an Indian chief?

Jack London

Which Young Adult author moved 13 times between 1937 and 1950 due to her parents’ missionary work?

Katherine Paterson

Which young adult author received $4.67 for her first story called “Mike’s Hero,” which was published in a church magazine in 1949?

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

What was E.B. White’s nickname at Cornell?

E.B. White was called "Andy" at Cornell, a nickname that any male student with the last name “White” was called in honor of Cornell co-founder Andrew Dickson White.

Which satiric author suffered from an illness characterized by vertigo and fits of giddiness — now known to be Ménière's disease, a disorder of the inner ear?

Jonathan Swift

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