Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Caesar Rodney, Smyrna, and William Penn Students Named Finalists in First Annual Prestwick House Delaware Language Arts Student of the Year Award

Smyrna, DE, July 7, 2010 – Today, Smyrna-based publishing company Prestwick House, Inc., is proud to announce three finalists for the first annual Prestwick House Delaware Language Arts Student of the Year Award. The honored students are Erin Frick of Caesar Rodney High School, Desiree Rodriguez of Smyrna High School, and Lexington Studevant of William Penn High School.

Each teacher within the state of Delaware was encouraged to nominate a student for this prestigious award. Each nomination was then carefully reviewed by the Prestwick House Delaware Language Arts Student of the Year Committee, and three finalists were selected.

“These students have truly demonstrated what it means to be a well-rounded language arts student, including excellent academic achievement in the study of literature, writing, and English Language Arts. Their positive attitudes, genuine interest in learning, and ability to stand as role models for their fellow students are to be commended,” says Prestwick House CEO, Jason Scott.

Desiree Rodriguez, a Smyrna high school student with an unmatched love of literature, has read her way through the entirety of the Smyrna High School library and has begun borrowing college level anthologies from teachers to expand her knowledge. Along with a love for reading, Desiree also shows a great talent for writing, submitting creative pieces she has written on her own time to be reviewed. According to teacher Tiffany Duke, “Desiree’s writing is both invigorating and interesting to read. I know without a doubt that this special student will be the next J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyers.”

According to her teachers, Caesar Rodney senior Erin Fricke stands as a role model for her fellow students, making them work harder to achieve their own goals. Teacher Michelle Shipe writes, “I can always count on Erin’s assignments to be model examples of the type of work I was expecting. Erin set a new standard in class, above the already high expectations I set for everyone, which is both impressive and admirable.” Outside of academics, Erin is also involved in Cross Country, Tennis, French Club, Earth Club, Unity Club, National Honor Society, Mock Trial, and Student Leadership Council.

Lexington Studevant, a student at William Penn High School, is best known for his love of writing. Teacher Barbara Foxx writes, “Lexington is a very conscientious student who has attained a high academic standard, not only in English, but in other classes as well. He has both desire and determination to excel.” Recently, Lexington was honored for his writing prowess in a contest titled “Laws of Life.”

The winner of the Delaware Language Arts Student of the Year Award will be announced on Wednesday, July 21, 2010, during the Prestwick House-sponsored Teacher Appreciation Night at the Delaware Shakespeare Festival.
Along with recognition for their efforts in conjunction with the Shakespeare Festival performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and a plaque commemorating their achievements, the winning student will also receive a $500 Scholarship. All finalists will be featured on the Prestwick House website, blog, and in the Footnotes monthly email newsletter.


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