Thursday, July 1, 2010

Prestwick House Goes Green with High Efficiency Solar Panels

2 July 2010, Smyrna, DE — This week, Delaware-based publishing company, Prestwick House, will unveil an 8.61 kilowatt, roof-mounted, solar array as a part of a continuing commitment to reduce emissions and be more environmentally responsible. Installation of the high-efficiency SunPower panels was done by locally owned and operated KW Solar Solutions of Newark, Delaware.

“As a company, we work to emphasize resource conservation, recycling, and emissions reduction in everything we do. With ongoing initiatives including having recycling receptacles available on site, actively reducing the amount of paper used in our catalogues with targeted mailings, and offering employee ride share and public transportation benefits, we are striving to be as green as possible,” says Prestwick House CEO, Jason Scott.

“With the addition of solar panels, we will be adding to our goal of environmental stewardship by lessening energy consumption and ultimately reducing our carbon footprint within the community.”

The new system produces no emissions, uses no fuel, and contains no hazardous materials. The solar panels, expected to produce 10,000 kWh per year of energy, include a monitoring system complete with a comprehensive reporting feature to keep close tabs on energy usage and conservation.

“Generally the roof of a business is just wasted space, so why not use that space to further environmental stewardship?” said Prestwick House CEO, Jason Scott. “We recognize that renewable energy is an excellent opportunity to improve our local community and work towards a more sustainable future.”

On March 10, 2010, Governor Jack Markell announced an update to Delaware’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, an initiative that will expand local manufacturing and establish Delaware as a national leader in the adoption of renewable energy.

According to Markell’s website, “The recently updated Renewable Portfolio Standard sets Delaware on a course to receive 30% of its energy supplies from renewable sources by 2029. This new target will reduce our reliance on variably priced fossil fuels as we move to more price-stable and sustainable sources — ultimately moving Delaware towards a more uniform provision of renewable energy.”

“In conjunction with Delaware’s efforts to use more sustainable energy sources, Prestwick House is dedicated to do our part to be environmentally conscious,” says Prestwick House General Manager, Keith Bergstrom. “We plan to foster this initiative beyond the installation of solar panels and continue to lead our employees in best practices to protect the environment.”

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