Thursday, October 14, 2010

New iPhone Application Helps Students Gain a Higher Score on the SAT Test

This week, Prestwick House is proud to unveil Vocabulary Power Plus, its first application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Available for purchase in the iTunes store on October 14, 2010, the Vocabulary Power Plus application is adapted from Prestwick House’s most popular series, Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT, used in over 35,000 classrooms nationwide.

Created by Renkara Media Group, Inc., the Vocabulary Power Plus application boasts over 6,600 unique quiz questions covering 1,800 frequently used SAT vocabulary words. The application is available for free download and allows students to try out fun, interactive games reinforcing important skills that will help them obtain a higher score on the SAT.

In addition to the new iPhone application, Prestwick House is currently in the process of expanding their line of digital educational products. Over the past five years, Prestwick House has become a leader in the digital product arena with over half a million dollars in eBook sales last year alone. This month, Prestwick House will add 25 new eBooks including their best-selling Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT books in ePub and Mobi format for devices like eBook readers, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and the Amazon Kindle. In addition to their current inventory of over 1,000 different digital books, Prestwick House also boasts dozens of Prestwick House Power Presentations.

“In recent years, technology has quickly become more prevalent in the classroom, and teachers are becoming more and more creative with it,” says Prestwick House General Manager, Keith Bergstrom. “Why not turn a fun application into a teaching tool that students are likely to enjoy? Using this familiar technology captures students’ attention, creates a tactile learning experience, and encourages vocabulary retention in a way that is both meaningful and effective.”

Within the free application, students will have access to 60 words that are frequently used on the SAT test. For an additional $3.99, students can purchase vocabulary lists from specific Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT books to target grade level vocabulary. Each grade-level specific download is filled with over two dozen quizzes and practice tests that include definition, fill-in-the-blank, find the antonym questions, in addition to root, prefix, and suffix questions.

“The games are sort of addictive,” says Prestwick House CEO, Jason Scott. “Having tried it myself, I can confidently say that this application helped me easily remember words that I would have otherwise quickly forgotten. It really brings a whole new level of interactivity and engagement that helps to drive home vocabulary practice.”

The games included in the Vocabulary Power Plus application are visually interesting and include both high resolution artwork and audio cues to indicate correct and incorrect answers. Students are also able to pause and resume game play, so the application is great for mini reviews at the end of class, during study hall, riding in the car, or even during commercial breaks while watching television. At the end of each game, students are given the opportunity to review not only their total score, but also all of their answers to ensure that they are learning the material.

To download your free trial of the Prestwick House Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT application, visit the iTunes store and search “Vocabulary Power Plus” today.


About Prestwick House - Founded in 1983 by a former Dover High School administrator, Prestwick House is a leader in educational publishing. With a focus on helping English teachers in grades 9-12, Prestwick House publishes the largest selection of literature teaching guides in the country, a line of classic novels, and hundreds of other educational products. Find out more at

About Renkara Media Group - Renkara Media Group, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is a leading provider of education and entertainment software for Apple mobile devices. Since the release of the iPhone SDK, it specializes in applications for iPhone, iPod touch, and now the iPad, particularly in the development of education, entertainment, and reference products.

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