Friday, October 29, 2010

What Are Teacher Reviewers Saying About Power Presentations: Introduction to Literary Theory?

Earlier this month, Prestwick House debuted Power Presentations: Introduction to Literary Theory, a Multiple Critical Perspectives product that helps teachers bring critical theory to every classroom.

This easy-to-use presentation will give your students the tools they need to understand literature beyond the simple conventions of plot, characterization, and theme. Power Presentations: Introduction to Literary Theory explores six critical theories through the lens of Cinderella, helping your students to clearly see how literature can be seen from different perspectives. Designed to stand alone or be used in conjunction with your favorite Multiple Critical Perspectives Guides.

Recently, we received feedback on Power Presentations: Introduction to Literary Theory from teachers on the Prestwick House National Curriculum Advisory Board. Read quotations from teachers below or find out more at!

“I am very impressed with this product. The format is far more teacher- and student-friendly than a textbook and the amount of information on each screen allows students to take accurate notes quickly before advancing on to additional screens. Visually, the product is easy to view and read.”

- Karen DiBetta

“The way the presentation is structured allows for each approach to be taught independently of the others. Depending on the ability of the class and the material being covered, I can easily choose the literary theory best fitted to the material and encourage critical thinking by asking students to approach the material using one specific literary theory.”

- Sonya K Shaw

“This product is a wonderful way to spark discussion of a work of literature. The various literary methods addressed in the presentation provide ample opportunity for all students in the class, regardless of ability, to engage in a meaningful discussion of a work.”

- Sonya K Shaw

“The accompanying instructions are incredibly clear. Even teachers who are not used to using PowerPoint will be able to navigate it easily.”

- Elizabeth Miley

“We have been moving toward a more comprehensive coverage of literary theory over the past two school years, and I see this product as a way to better organize our instruction with our junior and seniors. The consistency of the presentation would help us as teachers to be more consistent as well.”

- Cam Matthews

“I absolutely plan on using this product with my students. This product can make understanding literary theory simple, and can engage all students--from CP to AP.In previous years, I have struggled with a clear way of presenting literary theory to my students. This product does exactly that.”

- Stephanie Rodevick

“I would use this product myself. I am always looking for current, user-friendly materials I feel my students will find as interesting as I do. This product fills that bill.”

- Karen DiBetta

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