Monday, November 22, 2010

Prestwick House Releases First AP Language Test Prep Guide Designed for Use as Core Curriculum

This week, Delaware-based publishing company, Prestwick House, Inc., is proud to release its newest title for the Advanced Placement classroom, Prestwick House AP Language and Composition, written by former AP teacher Douglas Grudzina.

Grudzina has authored several successful educational guides including Writing an A+ Research Paper, Reading and Analyzing Non-Fiction: Slant Spin and Bias, Three Simple Truths and Six Essential Traits of Powerful Writing, and Grammar for Writing.

While most AP test preparation guides on the market are designed for use by students on their own, this book teaches them how to analyze the elements and devices of language assumed by the College Board and provides many of the full-length nonfiction essays, letters, and speeches that standards require students to read.

"My first priority in designing this book was to create something that the AP English Language and Composition teacher could use as a core text," says Grudzina. "The AP teacher is always in the unique and stressful position of having to teach the curriculum and prepare his or her students for the AP exam. Most AP prep materials are, at best, supplemental, and the teacher must devise ways to tailor the curriculum to address AP skills and adapt the generic AP materials to support the curriculum."

"Because this book contains so many full-length selections from the new Common Core State Standards list of illustrative texts, it can be your class's primary nonfiction literature text and its main AP prep guide. You no longer have to go looking for texts your students can practice analyzing."

Included in this student-centered guide are individual chapters that each focus on analyzing a different element of language with direct instruction and explanation. Each lesson is followed by a passage annotated to point out how the particular element is being used, and then the concept is reinforced with five AP-style multiple-choice questions. The answers to these questions are included in the text so the student can see how the material from the passage might appear on an AP exam.

Selections from Prestwick House AP Language and Composition include Martin Luther King's "Letter Written from Birmingham Jail," two of Winston Churchill's most famous speeches from World War II, several of the Federalist Papers by John Jay and Alexander Hamilton, and a number of speeches by Presidents Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, and Barack Obama.
In addition, the new synthesis essay is addressed with two annotated models with student essays and accompanying exercises. Models and exercises include text, graphic, and pictorial documents for the students to read and glean information from for their synthesis.

Prestwick House AP Language and Composition (ISBN# 9781935466680) is now available online at For more information call (800)-932-4593.

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