Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Trivia

  1. Which author left Harvard without a diploma because he felt the $5 fee was too much to pay?
  2. Which author wrote a letter to her niece stating, “Walter Scott has no business to write novels, especially good ones.—It is not fair.—He has fame and profit enough as a poet, and should not be taking the bread out of other people’s mouths.—I do not like him, and do not mean to like Waverly if I can help it—but fear I must.”?
  3. In 2004, the US defense budgeted $1 million to bring productions of which Shakespeare play to military bases?
  4. Who was the first poet buried at Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey?
  5. Daniel Defoe changed from his original last name to Defoe because he found it “more socially and upward sounding.” What was his original last name?

Last Week's Answers

  • William Sydney Porter/O.Henry
  • Mary Westmacott/Agatha Christie
  • Amandine Dudevant/George Sand
  • Francois Marie Arouet/Voltaire
  • Eric Blair/George Orwell
  • Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll
  • Mary Ann Evans/George Eliot


Stephanie Polukis said...

2. Jane Austen
4. Chaucer

Anonymous said...

1. Thoreau
2. Hillary Rodham ... ?
3. Henry V
4. Chaucer
5. Defriend ... he was a little confused.