Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Are Teacher Reviewers Saying about Power Presentations: 11 Techniques of Propaganda

Last month, Prestwick House debuted Power Presentations: 11 Techniques of Propaganda, an easy-to-use, highly visual method of teaching your students how to analyze media messages and drastically improve their written and oral communication skills. In-depth slides filled with definitions, examples, and exercises can be used in conjunction with Techniques of Propaganda & Persuasion to facilitate class discussion and review or as a stand-alone addition to your curriculum.

Recently, we received feedback on Power Presentations: 11 Techniques of Propaganda from teachers on the Prestwick House National Curriculum Advisory Board. Read quotations from teachers below or find out more at!

“This was simply a wonderful overview of propaganda. Each section was accessible by a wide audience, provided examples in artistic and print forms, and made it clear how easy it is to be manipulated by others. The order was great because any teacher has the ability to pick and choose how things are taught. The sections were self-contained and could be used in any order.”

“The propaganda posters and the political cartoons were engaging and truly demonstrated the point. The opportunities for classroom discussion have the potential for lively and bright interaction.”

Leticia Geldart

“I would use it and would recommend it to my colleagues. The discussion topics are interesting and varied, asking students to analyze, interpret, summarize, strategize, and create. The description of each propaganda technique is thoroughly detailed and structured cohesively. Further, each unit is similarly structured, making it quite user friendly.”

Julie Petitbon

“The posters and ads should help promote good discussions and help students grasp the various techniques. The language is at an appropriate level. Most of the discussion questions should result in discussion and result in students coming to better understand the information.”

Janice Mullan

“Many students in Middle School and High School seem to feel that if they see it on the internet it must be true. This could meet the demand by teachers to inform students of the likelihood of being duped by the media.”

Judith Mayersmith

“Traditional textbooks rarely include this kind of useful unit even though Common Core Standards do emphasize persuasive writing and/or speaking, especially in the senior year.”

Michelle Peeling

“Many English teachers create their own PowerPoint presentations or slideshows dealing with Propaganda/Logical fallacies. This product will be useful for those teachers who don't have the necessary information/training in this field.”

Luis Garza

“Currently, media literacy tends to get little attention in many public school systems. This targets an essential skill needed to become media literate.”

Ceresta Smith

“I teach Animal Farm. The sections that review propaganda with visual examples would be a great additional to my instruction.”

Marsha Fortune

“Colorful graphics, clear bulleted items, never too much information at once, yet isn't dumbed down.”

John Farrell

“There has been a need for this type of product for a long time and this tool provides a simple, easy-to-use way to teach or reinforce logical fallacies and rhetorical devices in the classroom.”

Susan Mulligan

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