Friday, August 2, 2013

"Ozymandias" as read by Bryan Cranston of "Breaking Bad"

by Derek Spencer

Well, this is pretty cool.

To prime viewers for the final season of TV drama "Breaking Bad," AMC created this little teaser trailer, in which star of the show Bryan Cranston reads Percy Bysshe Shelley's classic sonnet "Ozymandias" in full.

I've never seen the show, but I've heard enough about it that this seems like an apt allusion. From what people have told me, the show appears to be building toward a tragic end, and the main character's hubris will likely bring about his downfall. The use of "Ozymandias" in the teaser trailer just goes to show that the best works of classic literature remain relevant today.

The BBC has more on the story here.

And if you want a great source for "Ozymandias" and other works of the Romantic Era, we might just have the book for you. You can check out sample pages here.

Have a good weekend, and thanks for reading.

Derek Spencer is a Marketing Communications Associate at Prestwick House.

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