Friday, April 25, 2014

Creativity and Time

Thanks to Mr. G's Edublog, I ran across this fantastic video talking about the relationship between creativity and time. While the video was originally about creativity in a corporate setting, Mr. G read it as creativity in his classroom, and I came in looking for an article about how difficult it is to be creative as a teacher with the million different expectations put on your plate. 

Mr. G's post is great though, so I'll just leave you this quote from his blog.

"Our students may not want to persist at
editing and improving a text over a long period of time because they
have grown up in a system ( and I’ve been part of it for 25 years so I’m
not criticizing anyone without taking the blame too) that values
quantity over quality, product over process and finishing over creating.
If we really want to bring about Sir Ken Robinson’s revolution, this
has to change. Collecting 20 samples of writing that are not good enough
has to be replaced by a paradigm shift to working on a text until it is
great. Ticks, crosses and percentage points don’t teach a student how
to improve their writing ( or counting, calculating,thinking,
questioning,researching, drawing). Guidance, tracking, encouragement,
constructive feedback, expectation and TIME does."

Have a great weekend everyone. 

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