Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Leading by example- a method of teaching Writing for the Common Core State Standards

Almost seven years ago, the NCTE published a guideline for writing that still rings true today in the world of Common Core. The  NCTE's Beliefs About The Teaching of Writing, is inspiring and interesting reading that should guide all writing teachers as they work to make a cohesive writing program.

“Students should become comfortable with pre-writing techniques, multiple strategies for developing and organizing a message, a variety of strategies for revising and editing, and strategies for preparing products for public audiences and for deadlines. In explaining assignments, teachers should provide guidance and options for ways of going about it. Sometimes, evaluating the processes students follow -- the decisions they make, the attempts along the way -- can be as important as evaluating the final product.”

If you're looking for a writing program that provides students with well-defined expectations as they move from year to year, gives teachers a clear, methodical course that will integrate seamlessly into their curriculums, and takes the mystery out of the Common Core's expectations without losing the true focus why writing is so important, check ouCollege and Career Readiness: Writing Sample Paget College and Career Readiness: Writing. 
Take a look at some sample pages here and request your free sample today.

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