Friday, April 4, 2014

Tips from a Tech Teacher- How Common Core is Changing the Classroom

Common Core State Standards are changing the classroom you grew up with, but more importantly, they are changing the ones you teach in. Even if your particular state hasn’t adopted the official Standards, the impact of CCSS will likely be significant. One of the most important aspects in the new Standards is the emphasis on students providing evidence for their answers.

"An increase in rigor–Accountability will be expected of students and teachers. Too often, passing a test was all the assessment that was expected. CCSS will look for more–transfer of knowledge evidence of learning, student as risk-taker, authenticity of lessons, vertical planning, learning with increasingly less scaffolding and prompting, and differentiated instruction so all learners get it."

Jaqui Murray, a technology teacher, addresses this focus, as well as six others in her article in Ask a Tech Teacher. Ms. Murray has ” collected over 900 articles on all aspects of teaching technology in the 21st Century classroom,” so the site has a great deal of potentially valuable information

A forthcoming four-book series by Prestwick House affords high school English teachers the opportunity to make sure students will succeed on the Reading Literature portion of the new Standards.

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