Monday, April 20, 2009

Canterbury Tales Trivia

I am thrilled to announce that this Summer, Prestwick House will be releasing a revised version of our Literary Touchstone Classic, Canterbury Tales, with an updated glossary and so many new footnotes that you'll know more about the medieval period and classical mythology than you ever wanted to know.

Since I've been eating, sleeping, and breathing Canterbury Tales for the past couple of weeks, a Chaucer-related blog post was almost inevitable.

I invite you to test you basic, Canterbury Tales knowledge and


Read the clues below and determine which Canterbury Tales pilgrim is being referred to. Post your answers in the comments section below. All of the clues come from "The General Prologue," but as tempting as it may be to look up the answers, don't cheat!

Pilgrim A
• wears a tunic of coarse silk, discolored by his armor.
• loves honor and chivalry.
• is the first pilgrim to tell a tale.

Answer: The Knight

Pilgrim B
• wears bright red hose.
• hates when other women give offerings before her in Church.
• has been to Jerusalem three times.

Answer: The Wife of Bath

Pilgrim C
• knows only two or three Latin phrases.
• loves to eat onions and leaks.
• has a face covered in pimples and boils.

Answer: The Summoner

Pilgrim D
• speaks fluent French.
• has impeccable table manners.
• loves animals, especially her little dogs.

Answer: The Prioress

m E
• spends all of his money on books.
• is reserved in manner and hardly ever speaks.
• prays for the souls of his benefactors.

Answer: The Clerk

Pilgrim F
• carries pins and trinkets to give to pretty girls.
• knows every innkeeper and barmaid in town.
• has a bit of a lisp.

Answer: The Friar

Pilgrim G
• used to be a carpenter.
• has a horse named Scot.
• manages land very efficiently.

Answer: The Reeve

What is the name of The Host?
Answer: Harry Bailey

Answers coming this Wednesday.

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