Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Trivia

  1. How many of Shakespeare’s living descendants remain today?
  2. Which word was accidentally omitted from a 1631 publication of the Bible, therefore encouraging readers to commit adultery?
  3. Which author wrote his most famous work standing up?
  4. Which author wrote the story “Rasselas” in under a week to earn enough money to pay for his mother’s funeral?
  5. What anachronism appears in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar?

Last Week's Answers

Which author drew most of his inspiration from nighttime walks around London in an attempt to cure his terrible insomnia?

Charles Dickens would walk up to 20 miles per night.

Which author was so afraid of being burned alive that he insisted on carrying a piece of rope for an easy escape from any burning building?

Hans Christian Anderson

Which poet had his heel bone stolen from Poet’s Corner by the Dean of Westminster when his grave was disturbed in 1849?

Ben Jonson

Which 18th century English playwright was such a compulsive drinker that he would drink eau-de-cologne in a pinch?

Richard Brinsley Sheridan

What is the shortest play ever written and performed?

Samuel Beckett's play "Breath" lasts for only 35 seconds and consists of breaths and cries.

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