Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Trivia

  1. Which author played cricket for the MCC and once bowled the legendary W.C. Grace?
  2. Which French writer had a pet swordfish?
  3. How many fireflies does it take to give off enough like to read a book by?
  4. Which English author would work himself up so much when he performed his own works on stage that he sometimes fainted?
  5. How old was Sir Winston Churchill when he wrote his book "The History of the English Speaking Peoples"?

Last Week's Answer

How many of Shakespeare’s living descendants remain today?

William Shakespeare has no living descendants.

Which word was accidentally omitted from a 1631 publication of the Bible, therefore encouraging readers to commit adultery?

In 1631, a printer accidentally omitted the word "Not" from the seventh commandment, encouraging readers to commit adultery.

Which author wrote his most famous work standing up?

Lewis Carroll wrote "Alice In Wonderland" (and most of his other works) standing up at a writing desk.

Which author wrote the story “Rasselas” in under a week to earn enough money to pay for his mother’s funeral?

Samuel Johnson

What anachronism appears in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar?

In Julius Caesar, there is reference to a clock striking despite the fact that chiming clocks were not created until nearly a thousand years after Caesar’s death.

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