Monday, December 28, 2009

Tueday Trivia

  1. Which author stood trial in Mexico in 1951 for shooting his wife?
  2. Which author was constantly in trouble at school — for an atheistic pamphlet at Oxford and for stabbing a fellow student at Eton?
  3. Which author received a branding on his thumb as a reprimand for killing an actor in a bar brawl?
  4. The epitaph“And alien tears will fill for him pity's long, unbroken urn” belongs to whom?
  5. James Ellroy, the author of L.A. Confidential and American Tabloid had a father who worked as an accountant for which Hollywood celebrity?

Last Week’s Answers

What do novelist and film critic James Agee, poet Robert Lowell, and comedian and “stooge” Shemp Howard have in common?

All three men died in taxicabs due to heart attacks.

Who sent the stand up comedian, Irwin Corey, to accept the National Book Award prize on his behalf?

Thomas Pynchon. The reclusive Pynchon won the 1973 award for his baffling, brilliant novel, Gravity's Rainbow.

Which English-language author did not learned to speak English until the age of 19?

Joseph Conrad.

Whose epitaph reads: 'The stone the builders rejected'?

Jack London

Which author created a batch of top quality novels only to suddenly switch to poetry because of all the criticism from Victorian readers?

Thomas Hardy.

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