Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jump, Shoot, Collect Gold, Have Existential Epiphany

by Jason Scott

Do you love The Great Gatsby and old timey (I’m talking clunky early 80’s style) video games? If so, check out this oddity.

It is a video game based on The Great Gatsby in which you, as Nick Carraway, search for gold that Gatsby has stashed around New York City. Be careful, though, because innumerable flappers and waiters with trays of drinks will try to prevent you from reaching the boat dock and the ultimate payoff: the realization that the green light across the bay represents a future that is a mirage which year-by-year recedes before us.

A note of caution:
Share this site with students at your own risk. They may make the faulty assumption that the video game keeps to the plot of the book, or more likely, the even faultier assumption that F. Scott Fitzgerald started out in life as a video game programmer.

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