Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What are Teacher Reviewers Saying About Rhetorical Devices Power Presentation?

Recently, we received feedback on the Rhetorical Devices Powerpoint presentation from teachers on the Prestwick House National Curriculum Advisory Board. Read quotations from teachers below, check out FAQs, or find out more at!

"I loved the ability to click on a term on the Table of Contents page and see/view only the slides associated with that term. Also, alphabetical is logical and helpful when looking for those terms to teach or review."

"The terminology associated with rhetoric continues to give my students difficulty. This presentation serves multiple purposes: introduction, explanation/clarification, and review. For example, my AP Language students, even after a semester, still struggle to understand the differences between synecdoche and metonymy. The explanations and examples in this powerpoint I know will help them better understand the terms and their usages."

"A clear, concise selection of rhetorical terms that are foundational to the study of rhetoric that is well thought out, attractively presented, and extremely easy to use as an introductory set of lessons, a method of clarification and illustration, and a great review device as well."

"As AP Language teachers we often feel overwhelmed with the amount of material, terms, and concepts that we need to teach our students. I know the AP Language teachers in my department would find this product invaluable, not only in those first weeks of introducing the rhetoric terminology, but also as students learn to identify it, and skillfully incorporate many of the techniques into their own writing."

- Janice Mullan

"It is difficult to come up with clear, consistent definitions for rhetorical devices, provide examples, and truly illuminate. This does that job admirably. This is a time saver."

"Organization, number of examples provided, and the sense of humor present in the initial slide for each of the examples. It allows a teacher to ask a class, 'Looking at this sentence, what do YOU think the [insert name of rhetorical device here] does and how is it used?'"

- Leticia Geldart

"Yes!! I have not seen all of these terms in such a simple presentation before. What a gift for the AP Language teacher."

"The simplicity of the presentation is a strength. It introduces a huge amount of material in a clean and easily understood format."

"This product would be perfect for AP Language and Composition teachers and college composition teachers.It could be used on grades 9-12 when studying informational and non-fiction texts, such as essays, but some general level students might not understand the material without extra practice."

- Sara Zeek

"Knowledge of literary terms is necessary for competency in English Language Arts courses, and standardized state assessments include and require knowledge of terminology. The slides provide an enjoyable and effective alternative to lectures and handouts."

"The use of examples adds dimension to the definitions. Students will remember a definition when they can relate it to something they have read or heard about. While some of the terms are not taught in classrooms, it is easy to access the ones that will fit a particular curriculum."

- Cynthia Byers

"First off, I would definitely use this product in my AP Language & Composition classes, and I would also definitely recommend this product to fellow AP Language & Composition teachers, or any other Honors level class that deals specifically with Rhetorical Strategies/Devices."

"The usage of the Rhetorical Devices is well done, using them in a manner that is beneficial to the serious study of this subject, especially AP Language & Composition."

- Luis Garza

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