Monday, March 23, 2009

Literature March Madness Deathmatch Challenge

Those of us who are sports inclined are spending all of our time these days working our way through March Madness brackets trying to find out who is the #1 basketball team in the country, and we thought English teachers might like to get into the fun.

At Prestwick House, we have a game we play in the Cafe that we call the Deathmatch Challenge - a single elimination bracket tournament to determine the truly elite in a number of categories, and we'd like to invite all of you blog readers to join us in the latest Deathmatch challenge--
The Literature March Madness Deathmatch Challenge 2009 of Doom!

Every day, we'll release two heads-up matches in the morning and two heads-up matches in the afternoon, and we're inviting teachers, students, employees, and friends of Prestwick House to post your votes in the comments section of the blog. The one with the most votes at the end of the voting period, after 24-hours, will be declared the winner and move on to the next round. So, get out the vote, invite your students to visit, and find out what book is the ultimate book in
The Literature March Madness Deathmatch Challenge 2009 of Doom!

Check out the Complete Bracket to see where your favorite books fall, and who will be facing who in this ultimate challenge.

The first two matches are:

A Tale of Two Cities
Romeo and JulietVS.
A Tale of Two Cities

A Christmas CarolVS.
Oedipus Rex

Post a comment in reply to this thread with your vote for
Romeo and Juliet or A Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol or Oedipus Rex.

Stay tuned-in to the Prestwick Cafe Blog to find out the results and who's up next!


Anonymous said...

Romeo & Juliet

A Chritsmas Carol

- JS

Keith Bergstrom said...

Romeo and Juliet is an obvious pick for a Shakespeare Geek like me, but the second one is tough... I'm going to have to go with A Christmas Carol

Anonymous said...

Tale of Two Cities
A Christmas Carol

What can I say, I like Dickens.


Annie Rizzuto Urbanik said...

Romeo and Juliet and A Christmas Carol for me, please!

Stephanie Polukis said...

I must say, I am very disappointed. Where are Jane Eyre and Great Expectations? :p

A Tale of Two Cities

Oedipus Rex

Seth Wilker said...

Hmm... Never read A Tale Of Two Cities, so i'm gonna go for Romeo & Juliet and Oedipus Rex.

Gangles said...

I'll toss my hat in there for "A Tale of Two Cities" and for "Oedipus Rex"

Unknown said...

My votes go to Romeo & Oedipus. Both contain themes that cross generations and classes.

LitVamp said...

"The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet" and "Oedipus Rex".

Anonymous said...

Only a real nerd would think that literature could compare to March Madness. I mean, really, Literature Death Match? Of course, I must be a nerd, because I'm so stinkin' excited!

Romeo and Juliet & A Christmas Carol.

Anonymous said...

No contest! Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol!


Anonymous said...

"Romeo and Juliet" and "Oedipus Rex"

Anonymous said...

Romeo and Juliet
Christmas Carol

Anonymous said...

Romeo & Juliet and Oedipus

Keith Bergstrom said...

Okay, everyone round 1 of voting is over, and here are the results:

Romeo and Juliet - 9
Tale of Two Cities - 5
--Romeo and Juliet moves on to Round 2.

Christmas Carol - 7
Oedipus Rex - 6
--A Christmas Carol moves on to Round 2 with a narrow victory over the Greek drama.

Keith Bergstrom said...

A last-minute, under the wire vote has tied up the Oedipus vs. Christmas Carol Race -- Next Vote in Wins it!

We'll lock up, R&J as the winner now, but you could be the one to push Scrooge or Oedipus into the winner's circle.

Anonymous said...

Oedipus the king will win the day!!

(that's me voting for oediups btw)

Keith Bergstrom said...

So the winners of Part I are:

Romeo and Juliet
Oedipus Rex

Let's see how they fare in round 2.