Monday, March 30, 2009

Part VI -- Mice vs. Moor and Badge vs. Bird

New week, new contenders.

Place your votes for your favorites in the comments section below!

Of Mice and Men


The Red Badge of Courage
To Kill a Mockingbird


Annie Rizzuto Urbanik said...

The first choice is tough because not only do I have a soft spot for Lenny, but Othello was the first Shakespeare I read. I think first Shakespeare wins, so Othello.

As for TKAM v. Red Badge, I'm gonna have to side with Scout. To Kill a Mockingbird gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Of Mice and Men and Red Badge

Stephanie Polukis said...

Hmmm... The first one is really tough, and as much as I hate to agree with you, I'm going to have to pick Othello.

The second isn't hard at all. Atticus Finch is my hero. To Kill a Mockingbird!

Gangles said...

othello and to kill a mockingbird

Chris Mullen said...

It has to be Othello and To Kill a Mockingbird

Annie Rizzuto Urbanik said...

So Othello and TKAM — Winners!