Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Round I, Part II

There are only a couple more hours to get in your votes on the first round of the Literature Deathmatch Challenge, so get your votes in now before it's too late and your favorite book falls through the cracks.

We had a question yesterday about how we chose the 32 books taking place in this challenge, since many favorites were left off. The 32 books in the bracket are the 32 most popular books over the last 12 months as sold by Prestwick House. I know many of you are disappointed that your favorites are missing. I am, too (maybe next year enough people will teach Cat's Cradle and Catch-22).

Here's the second part of Round Two, with some very different choices.

The Scarlet Letter
The Metamorphosis

Fahrenheit 451


Stephanie Polukis said...

The Scarlet Letter

Anonymous said...

Metamorphosis and Fahrenheit 451

Annie Rizzuto Urbanik said...

Scarlet Letter — and not just for the cover like some people.

And of course I have to throw in for my guy Elie Wiesel. After all, I did write several fabulous research papers on Night.

Jason said...

The Scarlet Letter vs. metamorphosis is a tough one, but I'm gonna have to say The Scarlet Letter.

"Night" vs. Fahrenheit 451 is easy. NIGHT

Gangles said...

Scarlet Letter -- Even if Demi Moore was bad at being Hester Prynn.

Fahrenheit 451 -- Because novels about dystopian futures are awesome and this novel's themes echo in the underrated movie "Equilibrium"

Jason said...

Wait till you guys see the dorky picture of me that I assigned to this account.

Anonymous said...

"The Scarlet Letter" (It's such a beautiful cover!) and "Night"

Unknown said...

The Scarlett Letter and Fahrenheit 451

Laura said...

Scarlet Letter & Fahrenheit 451

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt...The Scarlet Letter and Night.

Anonymous said...

451 & Night

Keith Bergstrom said...

Okay everyone it's time to close up Part II.

Scarlet Letter won by a landslide with 8 votes vs. 1 vote for The Metamorphosis

In our second match, Night won with a narrow victory of 1 vote over Fahrenheit 451

Thanks to everyone who voted.