Thursday, March 26, 2009

Round I, Part IV

Part IV of Round One brings us some more interesting match-ups with the great Bard of Avon!

Part III will be closing soon, so get your votes in!

Narrative of the
Life of Frederick

A Midsummer Night's

Animal Farm


Annie Rizzuto Urbanik said...

I feel some more dissension in the Rizzuto-Urbanik ranks coming on...

Of course I have to throw in for a Midsummer Night's Dream. Not only did I play Puck and read this about a million times in high school, but I'm also on the cover! (And a fabulous cover it is, I might add).

Plus I spent a lot of time with Freddy D. on the newsletter last month, so we are still having a bit of a quarrel. He doesn't like his nickname.

And then sadly, I must admit, I haven't yet read Animal Farm. A travesty ,I know. So I'm going to have to pull for a classic favorite with Hamlet.

Gangles said...

A couple of tough match ups this time...

While I understand the overall significance of "narrative" i simply didn't enjoy reading it that much. I think it is a great book, but I'm going to be selfish on this one. I vote for Midsummer.

Now for the really tough one...

I had been waiting for the prince of denmark to show up so I could cast my vote his way and then I saw he was up against animal farm. Alas, George Orwell I knew him well...and that is who my vote is going to. Anytime you can personify farm animals to write a great political satire (i think it's a satire) you get my support. I vote for Snowball and Animal Farm.

Stephanie Polukis said...

Midsummer Night's Dream & Hamlet

Jason said...

I cheated and listened to "narrative" as an audio book and it was awesome. Shakespeare is well represented to elsewhere ...."narrative."

Hamlet vs. Animal Farm....oh that outrageous fortune has put these two together....


And I just want to say that (although the logistics of thsi would be difficult) this should be a double elimination tourney.

Anonymous said...

Hands down: A Midsummer Night's Dream; romance, fantasy and mischief!
Between Hamlet and Animal Farm, I have to agree with Alex. My vote goes to Animal Farm.

Keith Bergstrom said...

While I love the opponents, I have to throw my weight behind Shakespeare again. Hamlet and Midsummer are my picks.

Anonymous said...

Freddie D. and Animal Farm!

Keith Bergstrom said...

Well, it looks like Thursday's pretty quiet for a voting day, but Mr. Shakespeare gets a sweep here with the voting results coming in at:

Midsummer Night's Dream - 5
Narrative - 2

Hamlet - 6
Animal Farm - 3