Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prestwick House Launches a New Line of E-Books for “National Read an E-Book Week!”

In conjunction with the release of the 2nd generation of Amazon Kindle and “National Read an E-book Week,” Prestwick House has created a new line of e-books based on their best-selling Literary Touchstone Classic Editions. In recent years, Prestwick House has become a celebrated e-book vendor in the educational field, selling many of their products in convenient, downloadable form.

Although it is still a relatively new concept, e-books are becoming more widely accepted in schools throughout the country, and Prestwick House is doing their part by making sure that all of their most popular Touchstone titles are available to e-book readers via E-book readers such as the new Kindle 2 are now equipped with new capabilities like taking in-book notes, looking up words in an online dictionary, and viewing web content with new web browser capabilities — making the future of education seems closer than ever.

In the educational arena, digital books pose a variety of benefits. Teachers can:

  • Save time and money by downloading e-books immediately and avoiding shipping costs
  • Create in-book notes for specific classes Display e-books on overheads or Smartboards
  • Allow students to look up background information directly from the web as they read
  • Access their entire library for easy, in-class reference
  • Keep digital files such as class syllabi, online articles, blogs, course packets, and teacher's editions handy

For Prestwick House, creating e-books from their existing line of literary classics is just a first step in the process of joining the e-book community. In the future, Prestwick House plans to create more dynamic products specifically tailored to the e-book arena including elements like a clickable table of contents, more interactivity for use with whiteboards, and creating interrelated bundles of e-books.

Click here to view all of the e-books from Prestwick House’s Literary Touchstone Collection now available at

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