Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Trivia

  1. Which American writer and literary critic learned Yiddish and literary Hebrew before learning any English?
  2. Which children’s author was also a co-creator and head writer for the Nickelodeon show Eureeka's Castle which ran from 1989 to 1995?
  3. Who is F. Scott Fitzgerald named after?
  4. Which American novelist and poet’s gravestone is inscribed with the name “Ti Jean” meaning "little John"?
  5. When their 1812 affair didn’t work out, Lady Caroline Lamb continued her pursuit of which notable British author by calling on him at home, sometimes dressed in disguise as a page boy?

While at a party in Panama, which author choked on a toothpick which caused an inflammation of his abdominal passage and killed him?

At age 64, Sherwood Anderson author of Winesburg, Ohio and a major influence on Hemingway and John Steinbeck, choked on a toothpick causing death by peritonitis.

What world-famous poem was originally titled “He Do the Police in Different Voices”?

T.S. Eliot used “He Do the Police in Different Voices” as a working title for “The Waste Land.”

Where did Aldous Huxley borrow the title Brave New World from?

Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Act V, Scene I

Which American poet, novelist, and children's author was the daughter of a biology professor at Boston University well known for his book about bumble bees?

Sylvia Plath

Which German-born children’s author and illustrator came to New York with only $45 in his pocket and began his writing career by landing a graphic designer position in the promotion department of The New York Times?

Eric Carle, author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other famous children's books.


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Anonymous said...

1. Saul Bellow?
2. Raold Dahl?
3. Francis Scott Key
4. Probably not Edgar Allen Poe.
5. I'l' bet it's William Wordsworth or S.T. Coleridge, or Lord Byron ... maybe P.B. Shelley ... one of those hedonistic, anarchistic Romantics!