Friday, April 1, 2011

Prestwick House Introduces New Product Line that Will Raise the Bar for Pre-Schoolers

April 1, 2011 Smyrna, DE — This week, Prestwick House is proud to announce their newest product line, Prestwick House Pre-K AP, a series of young readers’ literature aimed at preparing students aged three to six years old for eventual success on the Advanced Placement in English Literature and Composition Exam.

The brainchild of adjunct-under-assistant Secretary of Education, Penelope Rychek, the Pre-K AP program has undergone strict testing in pre-schools across the country. Although students involved in the study have not yet actually taken the AP test due to a minimum age requirement of 12 years, critical indicators suggest that these products are in fact advancing pre-schoolers’ cognitive and test-taking abilities.

Click on the image above to view sample pages from Tommy and Tammy's Ocean Adventure, Book I in the Prestwick House Pre-K AP series.

“With this program, we’re hoping to raise the bar for preschoolers,” says Prestwick House New Product Development Specialist, Douglas Grudzina. “Over the past decade, studies have shown that preparing students for the AP exam at an earlier age provides many benefits. Recent evidence from the Education Institute of American strongly suggests that the time wasted coddling preschoolers and kindergartners with color names and counting on fingers could be better spent exploring the nuances of literature.”

Prestwick House Pre-K AP, the development of which has been the best-kept secret since the Manhattan Project, has been funded and supervised by such notable partner organizations as the National Association of Education (NAE), the American Higher Education Collaboration (AHEC), and the Children’s Literature Association of Southern States (CLASS).

“The books themselves are very child-friendly, exploring the lives of characters like Tammy and Tommy Turtle,” says Grudzina. “Students will explore concepts such as anthropomorphism, rhyme scheme, alliteration, and even interdisciplinary issues like learning biology and oceanography while reading quality, age-appropriate fiction. Delightful illustrations by artist Larry Knox will reinforce lessons and help students excel in elementary and high school, the Advanced Placement Exam, and beyond.”

To find out more about this innovative new program, visit or call (800)-932-4593.

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