Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Cranky Language Lady: Wednesday Grammar Quiz for Grownups

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Grammar Quiz #28: Agreement

Can you find the five errors in agreement in the following selection?

Each of the twenty-seven cows standing in the middle of the country road were calmly looking around, not at all perturbed by Blake’s Mercedes and all the honking and yelling going on. “This bunch of cows that won’t get out of the road are stupid!” he shouted.

“It’s called a herd,” his girlfriend Alicia commented mildly, “a herd of cattle not a bunch of cows.”
Blake shot her a dirty look. “Okay, each of the cows in the herd of cattle standing there blocking the road should get their act together and move out of our way!"

"Perhaps if you asked them nicely,” Alicia answered. “Neither a person nor a cow like to be yelled at.” With that, she got out of the car and patted a black and white heifer on the rump. “Move along, sweetie,” she said, “and ask your friends to scoot to the side, please.”

To Blake’s astonishment, the road suddenly cleared. “I guess I should call you the Cow Whisperer,” he said, in awe.

“Every woman in the universe has their own special talents,” she smiled.

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