Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Cranky Language Lady: Wednesday Grammar Quiz for Grownups

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Grammar Quiz #29: Common Errors

When others discount or dismiss your writing, it’s often because you have misused some common words. Many people view the correct use of these words as a sign that you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, anyone can slip up, even an excellent writer, so it pays to be careful. Can you find the eight errors in the passage below?

Its a happy day for teachers when a school opens its doors and lets the kids out for the summer. Its a happy day for the kids, too. They kick up there heels and rejoice that there going to have a couple of months of freedom. Its not such a happy day for there parents, however. They brace theirselves for a lot of “There is nothing to do!” comments, along with questions like, “Can you take me to the mall?” and, “Can you take me to Ashley’s house?” There is no summertime peace for parents, only for teachers—unless, of course, the teachers have there own kids.

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