Friday, August 27, 2010

Prestwick House Releases Innovative Writing Guide Based on Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation

This week, Delaware-based publishing company, Prestwick House, Inc. is proud to release its newest title for the writing classroom, Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation, written by Magedah Shabo.

This text contains a wide variety of examples and accompanying exercises that will teach students to use logic in the context of communication — a skill set that is largely neglected in the classroom, but that is part of most states’ educational curriculum standards.

“The Common Core standards are the most pressing reason for teaching these skills in the classroom at present,” says author, Magedah Shabo. “The standards for reading and writing require that students perform logical analyses and write sound arguments."

“If students haven't studied rhetorical appeals or the basics of logic, they'll have to rely on guesswork and intuition as they work toward these goals. But students who have studied these subjects in class will have the advantage of understanding the legitimate methods of persuasion, how logic works, and what a sound argument looks like."

Created with tenth- through twelfth-grade AP English classes in mind, Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation covers critical thinking and overall communication, persuasive writing and speaking, reasoning and debate, analysis of non-fiction, and AP Language and Composition Exam performance.

"We ask students to write persuasively but give very [little] guidance as to what is needed to create an effective argumentative/persuasive essay. This book lays the foundation for this information and also provides concrete practice exercises," says Prestwick House National Curriculum Advisory Board Reviewer and teacher, Bernadine M. Stocki.

The text provides a clear curriculum for teaching logic in the language arts classroom. It includes interesting examples taken from famous works of literature, speeches that illustrate the different approaches to persuasion, and fallacious quotes from fictional characters. Exercises range from simple multiple-choice to complex analysis questions that will help students achieve some of the Common Core writing standards.

“I don't know of any other book that treats logic as a tool for writers. That's probably the most unique thing about this text: the fact that it gives logic its proper place in the language-arts classroom, as the primary mode of rhetorical persuasion,” says Shabo.

Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation (ISBN# 9781608439737) is now available both online at or by calling (800)-932-4593.


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