Friday, August 20, 2010

What are Teacher Reviewers Saying About Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation?

Making its debut on shelves today, Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation by Magedah Shabo is the first text that gives logic its proper place in the language-arts classroom — as the primary mode of rhetorical persuasion.

Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation, complete with Teacher’s Edition, will help you provide students with the tools they’ll need to systematically analyze both their own arguments and the arguments they will encounter, whether in your classroom or in the real world. After using this book and completing the exercises, your students will become more purposeful in their approaches to writing and more confident in their ability to use language.

Recently, we have received feedback on
Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation from teachers on the Prestwick House National Curriculum Advisory Board. Read quotations from teachers below, download a free lesson on Rhetorical Appeals, read an interview with author Magedah Shabo, or find out more at!

"The book is organized in an easy to read-follow manner. It does not give you too much information per page. Each page contains pertinent information but does not overwhelm the reader."

- Jodi Gray Kahn

"As stated in the introduction, we ask students to write persuasively but give very [little] guidance as to what is needed to create an effective argumentative/persuasive essay. This book lays the foundation for this information and also provides concrete practice exercises."

- Bernadine M. Srocki

"As a teacher of a Pre-AP class, I've found that there are limited resources that are useful for introducing the concept of rhetoric and persuasion to younger students. I think this book will be very useful."

- Elizabeth Miley

"For a course where high-level thinking and reasoning in writing are required, this book is really essential. Students need to learn how to properly formulate their arguments and not fall into traps."

- Leticia Geldart

"This book makes me want to teach the subject matter. I found the information very interesting and inviting."

- Jodi Gray Kahn

"I would recommend this book without hesitation to anyone teaching the concepts of rhetoric, logic, and argumentation. It provides the perfect springboard for taking the lessons into more advanced materials."

- Karen F. Jones

"I like the examples of persuasive speeches that are provided. I also like how simply everything is explained; it does not seem mysterious or overly-complicated."

- Elizabeth Miley

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