Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Trivia

  1. Edward Irving Wortis is the given name of which author?
  2. Which famous British writer had a famous cocker spaniel named Flush?
  3. Which play was adapted by the Mudlark Production Company and presented in a series of tweets on Twitter throughout April and May 2010?
  4. Which great author is the gate on the campus of Harvard beside Canaday Hall dedicated to?
  5. Which author along with friend Robert Southey, attempted to found a utopian commune society, called Pantisocracy, in the wilderness of Pennsylvania?

Which book does Wilson Rawls credit as his reason for becoming a writer?

Rawls was given a copy of Jack London’s The Call of the Wild at age ten — the very first book that was just his and not shared with his sisters. Rawls carried it with him wherever he went.

Which author wrote his first few books in the evenings following long days working at a sweater warehouse?

Louis Sachar

Which author was hired by the US Department of State to create a film about Hispanic workers in rural America?

The film, …And Now Miguel, was created by Joseph Quincy Krumgold in 1953.

Which author’s first pet was a turkey vulture?

Jean Craighead George was born to a family of Naturalists who kept a variety of interesting pets including a turkey vulture.

Which author was heavily involved in the creation of the 1984 computer game, Below the Root — creating aspects like maps and characters?

Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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