Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Trivia

  1. While it was originally reported that she died of congestive heart failure, which bestselling Canadian author in fact, ended her own life by taking an overdose of medication — a fact later confirmed by her granddaughter?
  2. About whom did William Wordsworth write, “There was no doubt that this poor man was mad…” ?
  3. Which American short story writer and poet continually called the name “Reynolds!” the night before his death?
  4. Which author is believed to have died from choking on too much coffee?
  5. Which American author suffered a heart attack as a result of falling off of a horse?

Which author was offered a Clerkship of Journals in the House of Lords, but was so overcome by stress that he had to forego the position due to a “period of insanity?”

William Cowper

Who was not only the second-youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature after Rudyard Kipling, but also the shortest-lived of any literature laureate to date, having died in an automobile accident just over two years after receiving the award?

Albert Camus

Which author is informally known as "the Chekhov of the suburbs?"

John Cheever

Which author accepted her first chamber opera commission in March 2008?

Margaret Atwood began work on Pauline, a chamber opera about Canadian writer and artist Pauline Johnson in 2008.

Which author died while on a tour of the White Mountains in1864 and is buried in the Sleepy Hallow Cemetery in Massachussetts?
Nathaniel Hawthorne

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