Thursday, January 6, 2011

FAQs for the Logical Fallacies PowerPoint Presentation

Visually engage your students with this clear-cut, easily adaptable presentation outlining 13 of the most common logical fallacies.

The Logical Fallacies PowerPoint presentation can be used on its own to increase understanding of informational texts, or as a supplement to Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation to facilitate review and discussion of readings.

What is the intended audience for this product?

11th- and 12th-grade AP or advanced college-prep classes

What are some of the uses and benefits of this product?

  • Prepares students for the AP Language exam
  • Fulfills various state and common core standards
  • Teaches critical thinking, persuasion/argumentation, debate,analysis of informational texts, writing
  • Presents complex information in relatively simple terms

What are the benefits of buying the PowerPoint if you already
have the book?

  • Facilitates review and discussion of readings.
  • Can be used to quiz or test students.
  • Language is somewhat simpler and more concise than that in the book.
  • More engaging than reading a textbook (helpful for reluctant readers).
  • Focuses on some of the “easier” topics of the book.

What are the benefits of buying the book if you already have the PowerPoint?

The book is a bit more thorough in its coverage of the 13 fallacies. The first half of the book is not covered in the PowerPoint.This includes discussions of the following topics:the concept of rhetoric:
  • The three rhetorical appeals
  • Cognitive biases
  • The concept of logic
  • Differences between deductive and inductive logic
  • Techniques for evaluating deductive a inductive logic
  • A brief introduction to deductive (aka, “formal”) fallacies (the PowerPoint discusses only “informal” fallacies)

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