Sunday, January 23, 2011

Leading Educational Publisher Launches Best-Selling Products on Kindle, iPad, and Over 20 Other eBook Readers

This week, Prestwick House will add 25 new eBooks including their best-selling Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT books in ePub and Mobi format for devices like eBook readers, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and the Amazon Kindle. These titles are now available via Entourage, iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

With ebooks becoming increasingly more common in classrooms, it’s not surprising that they are one of the fastest growing product categories in educational publishing worldwide. Ebook readers like the Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader are now equipped with the ability to take in-book notes, look up words in an online dictionary, and view web content with new web browser capabilities — making them extremely useful tools in the educational arena.

The Association of American Publishers projects that “eBooks [will] make up $6 billion of a $20 billion annual book market by 2012, and this year reported selling more in eBooks than in hard covers.” Last month alone, ebook sales have shown a 172.4% growth over 2009, while hardcover sales have declined nearly 24%.

“For the classroom, there are some obvious benefits to downloading one of our e-books immediately and avoiding shipping costs,” says Prestwick House Brand Manager, Jerry Clark. “Teachers will be able to create in-book notes for specific classes, display them on overheads or Smartboards, and have students look up background information directly from the web as they read.”

“Ebook readers are also useful for helping teachers stay organized because they allow them to have their entire library available for easy reference in class — digital files, a compilation of various class syllabi, pertinent online articles, blogs, course packets, and teacher’s editions of student textbooks.”

The new Prestwick House titles that are now available include the entire Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT and Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots series, the Three Simple Truths and Six Essential Traits for Powerful Writing series, the Practice Makes Perfect: Preparation for the State Reading Assessment series, and a variety of writing and grammar texts including Rhetorical Devices, Grammar for Writing, Writing an A+ Research Paper, Techniques of Propaganda, and Rhetoric, Logic, & Argumentation.

In addition to the series’ debut in the ebook arena, Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT has also recently become an iPhone application. The Vocabulary Power Plus iPhone App boasts over 6,600 unique quiz questions covering 1,800 frequently used SAT vocabulary words.

The application is available for free download via the Apple iTunes store and allows students to try out fun, interactive games reinforcing important skills that will help them obtain a higher score on the SAT. To download your free trial of the Prestwick House Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT application, visit the iTunes store and search “Vocabulary Power Plus” today.

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