Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prestwick House Paperback Discount Center Offers Exclusive Volume Discounts for Schools and Teachers

This week, Prestwick House will open the doors on a new division of their company, the Prestwick House Paperback Discount Center, which will offer volume discounts for schools on thousands of paperbacks in their January 2011 catalogue and at

The 2011 catalogue will include over 50 pages of paperbacks filled with over 1,200 titles and discounts ranging from 25%-35%. Teachers will enjoy a discount of 25% off titles, even when they purchase just one copy. On orders with a retail value of over $500, the discount jumps to 30%. Orders with a retail value over $2,500 will receive a discount of 35%.

“With our new discounts, we’re hoping that schools and teachers will be able to do more with their limited budgets such as expanding classroom libraries, allowing teachers to add to their curriculum, or even purchase individual copies of books for each and every student,” says Prestwick House General Manager, Keith Bergstrom.

In addition to volume discounts on paperbacks, Prestwick House has also introduced a 35% discount on class set bundles. In each bundle, teachers receive 30 student books along with their choice of one of Prestwick House’s popular teaching guides, including Teaching Units, AP Teaching Units, Activity Packs, Multiple Critical Perspectives guides, or even the new Levels of Understanding guides that help students critically evaluate literature using Bloom’s learning domains.

In addition to new discounts on all mass-market paperback editions and 35% off class sets, Prestwick House also offers a 50% Educator’s Discount on their Literary Touchstone Classic line of unabridged classic works. These popular titles boast unique cover art, reading pointers, and vocabulary, which makes them the perfect edition for high school students.

“Our Literary Touchstone editions are designed by former teachers with the needs of teachers and students in mind,” says Prestwick House Senior Editor, Paul Moliken. “Having collectively worked for dozens of years in schools across the country, our writers have all struggled to stretch budgets and deal with the deficiencies of cheaply made paperbacks. It only makes sense for us to create high-quality editions at prices that teachers can easily afford.”

The variety of paperback books available and new discounts puts Prestwick House Discount Paperback Wholesalers in a position to become the premier source of paperback books for students in grades 4-12. While the discounts speak for themselves, Prestwick House is also known in the school community for their high quality customer service.

“We are proud to report that customer satisfaction surveys over the past two years show that over 98% of teachers and schools that have purchased from us have reported that they find our representatives both friendly and efficient,” says Prestwick House CEO, Jason Scott. “Thanks to our customer service department along with our efficient warehouse staff, we are able to help teachers find the perfect product to enhance their curriculum, and get it to them quickly at a price that they can afford.”

To speak with customer service or to receive a copy of the new 2011 catalogue, call (800)-932-4593 or visit today.

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