Thursday, January 13, 2011

What are Teacher Reviewers Saying about Logical Fallacies PowerPoint Presentation?

Recently, we received feedback on the Logical Fallacies Powerpoint presentation from teachers on the Prestwick House National Curriculum Advisory Board. Read quotations from teachers below, check out FAQs, or find out more at!

The explanations are clear, and it contains good lecture material for class discussion. It may help students to see the material as the teacher explains/discusses instead of just reading out of the text.

- Rhonda Phillips

The table of contents makes this presentation very user friendly.

I wish I had had a product like this when I was teaching argumentation and debate. Not only is this product informative, the examples are plentiful and relevant.

The additional practices as a companion piece make this a "ready to teach" presentation. You have minimized the preparation time needed to teach this challenging topic.

- Marsha Fortune

These concepts are some of the most difficult to teach to high school students. This tool presents these abstract concepts with clear and easily understood examples. The practice exercises reinforce the concepts and will reduce planning time for the teacher.

- Sara Zeek

Beautifully designed and includes clear, well-defined examples of logical fallacies.
As the Lead AP Language teacher in my school district, I would definitely forward this resource to my colleagues.

- Shekema Silveri

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